Red Bull’s Latest Mind Blower: The Athlete Machine

If you have five minutes and fifty-eight seconds to spare, then you won’t regret spending every moment of it on this inventive string of stunts from Red Bull. Always inventive and never dull, some brands just have all the fun. Enjoy!

Amendment 64 Sees Sparks in Colorado

Thanks to Amendment 64, Colorado becomes the first state to legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults. How this affects the ad scene in Boulder and Denver? From a political and economical standpoint this is huge, of course. Social perceptions and tax revenues and all that jazz. But from a lifestyle standpoint, we’re willing to bet nothing happens that hasn’t been happening already. So as much as we’d love to predict an explosion of next level creativity coming out of the good ol’ C-O, the reality is that agency (high) life will go on as usual.

Everyone’s Favorite Uncle Drew is Back for Pepsi MAX

Can’t get enough of this stuff. 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving is back as Uncle Drew. But this time, it’s double trouble when he brings along his old-timer friend Wes, also known as NBA big man Kevin Love. Together they head to Crenshaw in Los Angeles to show them youngbloods how it’s done.

Fun Halloween Spot For Cadbury “Screme” Eggs

Delicious Cadbury Creme Eggs. It’s one of those candies you re-remember how much you love every time Halloween rolls around each year. With a bit of a zombie/mercenary theme to it, we love this crafty spot from Cadbury Canada because it embodies the more playful spirit of Halloween versus the typical ghouls, goblins and evil pumpkins of which we get bombarded by around this time of year. Thanks for the fresh work, Cadbury.

Where Have All The Good Beer Ads Gone?

We were beginning to worry (see Pitbull for Bud Light). But it looks like good beer ads still exist in the world. Just not in the U.S.. From the 3.3 million YouTube views of Carlton Draught’s absurdly entertaining Beer Chase to Hahn Brewery’s Pioneering Beering Academy, it seems that all the good beer ads have gone to Australia.

See Hahn Brewery tackle some of the world’s most important beer predicaments:

No. 07: Keeping Beer Cold
No. 12: Beer Identification
No. 18: Beer Locator
No. 23: Beer and Snack in One
No. 36: Non-Stick Beer Coaster

Henry Thomas NAILS Audition For E.T.


These magical moments just never happen at commercial castings. Mostly because crying little boys—both on camera and the ones back at the office—have no place in advertising. But also because Hollywood has better craft services than we do.

A Bad Way To Introduce a Cool Feature From Mercedes-Benz


Predictable and contrived. Those are the two words that pop to mind after seeing this spot from Mercedes-Benz. It sure doesn’t seem like a very inspired effort by the creative team behind it. Plus, having the talent casually stand in front of a burning house to show how great it is to stay on top of breaking news is insensitive, to say the least.

For inspiration on how to advertise automobile features in a simple, clever and relatable way, see Volkswagen:

VW Passat – Remote Ignition
VW Tiguan – Safety
VW Jetta – Solid Engineering